Every time you have visited your dentist, you’ve probably been told that you need a routine cleaning twice a year. However, many patients will still come less often than this, figuring that they already have healthy teeth, anyhow, so why the concern?

However, the truth is that scheduling regular dental check-ups is about more than dealing with oral health issues you may already have. Just as frequently, it is about getting preventative care and avoiding health problems that may be awaiting if left unchecked. Occasionally, dental specialists will even notice red flags for potentially lethal illnesses through symptoms manifesting in the patient’s oral health.

Continue below to see our list of four reasons why you should be getting your teeth cleaned at AmeriDENTAL Group once every six months.

1. Tooth Decay
Preventing cavities is one of the more familiar reasons given for getting dental check-ups, though often overlooked nonetheless. It is essential to have regular examinations for small, difficult-to-see cavities, for if they are not found in time, such cavities can soon expand into large ones, wreaking havoc on your teeth. While a small cavity is relatively easy to deal with, a large amount of decay can cause much pain and suffering and may require the dentist to pull the tooth entirely.

2. Periodontal Disease
Though flossing and brushing are crucial, regular cleanings are still necessary to remove the buildup of plaque. As plaque and calculus gradually build, they can become embedded beneath the gum line; these accumulations are very difficult to remove on your own. As time goes on, periodontal disease can develop, which will produce enzymes that dissolve your teeth.

3. Gum Disease
Periodontitis, or gum disease, is more than a menace to your mouth: it can also contribute to cardiovascular disease. As bacteria and infection spread through your gums, those same bacteria can eventually enter into your bloodstream. From that point, the bacteria can lodge in and over time clog up your heart and blood vessels.

4. Signs of More Severe Complications
Though it may seem strange, there all sorts conditions and diseases whose sources lie elsewhere in the body that, nevertheless, produce symptoms that appear in your mouth.
More often than you would think, an experienced dentist can tell if an oral health issue could be symptomatic of something more dangerous. For example, tumors in the body sometimes produce unusual symptoms in the mouth. Chronic hepatitis, if it persists despite good oral hygiene habits, may signal a dysfunction in the stomach or liver. Diabetics frequently suffer from swollen and bleeding gums. Chronic outbreaks of canker sores can sometimes indicate a mineral deficiency, brought about by celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

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