Just about all of us have experienced tooth pain at one time or another. And low-level, nagging discomfort, while unpleasant, can typically wait a few days for a dentist appointment. However, there are some issues that pose a more significant problem for your oral health and should be addressed immediately.

At AmeriDENTAL Group of Upper Darby, we understand that sometimes your mouth pain may be too great, and you may be in a serious situation. That’s why we don’t just provide expert dental fillings to patients in Upper Darby; we also offer 24/7 emergency dental services in an effort to provide the urgent dental care our patients need, whenever they need it.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons you might need to make an emergency dental appointment right away:

A Missing, Knocked Out, or Broken Tooth

If your tooth is broken, lost, or damaged, it can cause severe pain and bleeding. And if you wait it get it treated, not only can you potentially lose the tooth, but it can cost you more money in dental work down the line.

Bleeding Gums

If you have pre-existing issues like gum disease, then this might not be too unusual for you. However, if your gums are bleeding, painful, and swelling, then this may be indicative of a more pressing issue. Don’t wait; if your gums are bleeding, then you need emergency dental care.

A Missing Crown or Filling

If your crown or filling comes loose, sometimes you can immediately feel it. However, occasionally you won’t even notice it, or will only perceive a slight taste of metal in your mouth. Either way, call our emergency dentists to avoid more issues and invasive procedures.

An Abscessed Tooth

If you have severe swelling, or difficulty speaking, eating, or breathing, you could have an abscessed tooth. This infection can lead to more severe complications, so don’t wait to get help.

A Swollen Jaw or Mouth

Swelling in these areas without any apparent reason is not normal and should be addressed as soon as possible. It could be caused by anything from swollen lymph nodes to an infection in the mouth or jaw.

AmeriDENTAL Group of Upper Darby is dedicated to giving our patients the highest level of oral care, from professional dental fillings in Ardmore to root canals, crowns, and many other trusted services. We understand that dental problems can arise at any time, so come take advantage of our 24/7 emergency dental care services!

To make an emergency appointment, please call us immediately at 484-971-6351.