So you took the leap and finally decided to enjoy straighter teeth and a perfect smile with the Invisalign system. Now it’s time to make the most out of your investment. At AmeriDENTAL of Upper Darby, we not only offer dental fillings in Upper Darby, but we can help you get your desired results from the state-of-the-art Invisalign treatment. Following these simple guidelines can help you capitalize on the Invisalign process and get the smile you’ve been waiting for.

Pay Attention to the Fit

When you insert the aligners in your mouth, be mindful of the way they fit. It’s normal for a new set of aligners to be snug for the first three to four days. However, if you feel like your Invisalign appliances are too tight or too loose, schedule an appointment with a specialist from AmeriDENTAL Group and we can troubleshoot the issue.

Remove Before Eating

Take out your aligners before you eat and drink to prevent damage to them. Be sure to brush them before replacing them in your mouth.

Bring Your Carrying Case

When removing your aligners, place them in the carrying case you were provided to keep them safe and free from harm. Also, develop a habit of keeping them in your purse or on your person to avoid leaving them behind at restaurants or even accidentally throwing them in the trash.

Keep Them Clean

If you fail to keep your aligners clean and hygienic, it can cause bad breath, bacteria, and other problems. In addition to thoroughly brushing them after every meal, your aligners can be cleansed using the Invisalign cleaning system or by following your dentist’s instructions.

Wear Your Aligners!

It may seem simple, but you need to commit to wearing your aligners as often as possible. The more you wear them, the more your teeth will gradually shift into their proper place. Conversely, if you don’t wear them enough, you won’t see results.

 Stick to Your Appointments

Take the time to schedule and keep all follow-up appointments with your oral care specialist. This can ensure that you’re receiving the proper and effective treatment you expect from the Invisalign system.

At AmeriDENTAL of Upper Darby, we’re dedicated to getting you confident and satisfied with your smile through the reliable Invisalign orthodontic system. To make an appointment for Invisalign or a dental filling procedure in Ardmore, call us at 484-971-6351 today!