Dental Implants

At AmeriDENTAL Group we know the importance of having a great smile. For this reason, we are committed to providing quality dental solutions to help our patients achieve it. We use advanced technology to deliver the results that you want to see. Our wide variety of procedures include everything from general dentistry to cosmetic surgery and implant surgery. We also provide dental veneers as well as full or partial dentures.

Those interested in a procedure that will improve their smile, while also experiencing healthy and natural looking teeth can receive dental implants. Contact our team today to make an appointment. Our office is located in Upper Darby and serves patients in surrounding areas including Springfield and Ardmore.

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What Are Dental Implants?

For many people, conventional dentures and bridges, are not a comfortable or a fitting choice due to sore spots in the mouth, poor ridges or gagging. Dental implants offer a solution to this problem as they are the strongest and most efficient way to support artificial teeth. Dental implant surgery consists of a dental surgeon surgically positioning metal posts or frames into the jawbone beneath the gums. Once inserted, the dentists can then mount the replacement teeth onto the post or frame. The implant fusing to the jawbone is ideal because the stable support of this does not allow the implant to slip or shift in the patient’s mouth. People experience several benefits from this including more natural looking teeth and the ability to perform everyday activities such as eating and speaking. Persons who could benefit from a dental implant surgery include those that:

  • Have missing teeth
  • Have adequate bone structure
  • Have efficient oral health
  • Want to improve
  • Are unable or unwilling to wear dentures

Some Things to Consider About Dental Implant Surgery

Like any other surgical procedure, one should consider the risks associated with dental implants as well as how to properly care for their teeth afterward. Like any procedure, dental implants carry risks but is safe overall. Consult with your dentist to determine the best possible option for you.

A dental implant process can take several months because once the post is inserted into the jawbone, it must heal around the implant before the artificial teeth can be mounted on top of the post or frame. Most importantly, in order to receive a dental implant, one must have sufficient oral health. The gums and the jawbone especially should be healthy and stable enough to support the implant. Once you’ve received an implant, you must continue to practice good oral health to ensure the dental implant remains in good condition. Do this by brushing regularly, avoiding hard foods, and quitting habits that weaken the bone structure such as smoking and regularly visiting the dentist.

Receive Dental Surgery in Upper Darby

Persons interested in receiving dental or denture implants can do so now by contacting AmeriDENTAL Group today. Our staff of experienced and friendly dental professionals will ensure a visit to our office is comfortable while we perform our efficient and affordable services. We are a 24 hr dentist office in Upper Darby, also serving Springfield and Ardmore. Call for an appointment today!