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Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures consist of replacement teeth that are attached to a base and connected to clasps, which hold the denture in place of the mouth. These type of dentures are typically used when someone still has one or more teeth in their upper or lower jaw.

The partial denture replaces the missing teeth by placing crowns on top of the existing teeth and attaching the artificial teeth. This not only fills in the space left by the missing teeth but also prevents other teeth from changing positions. Removable partial dentures and full dentures are also an option.

What Are the Benefits of Partial Dentures?

These dentures are ideal for those that want a solution to their missing teeth but don’t want to get a full denture set. Those that experience gum decay and tooth loss can benefit the most from this prosthetic piece. Filling in the missing teeth with the dentures can result in a patient experiencing better oral health as well as a boost in their confidence. Partial dentures are also ideal because they enable the existing teeth from shifting which could contribute to more teeth falling out.

Other Denture Options

Partial dentures are an excellent solution for those that have missing teeth, but these are not the only options for those missing teeth. Denture implant surgery is a procedure that consists of dentists surgically positioning metal posts or frames into the jawbone beneath the gums. This then allows the dentists to mount the replacement teeth onto the post or frame. A dental implant is an ideal alternative to those that don’t want to or can’t wear dentures. Speak with your dentist to determine the best possible option for you.

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