Endodontic procedures, also known as root canals, are a form of treatment that is performed when the pulp of the tooth is inflamed, infected, or has died. This pulp is a soft substance in the center of the tooth that is made of nerve tissues and blood vessels. This treatment is necessary for preserving teeth that have been infected or rotted, and is the preferred way to eliminate pain and discomfort caused by this condition.

Although this treatment saves smiles and reduces more serious oral health problems, it has a certain stigma surrounding it, clouding the judgment of patients who may be considering this tooth-saving procedure. At AmeriDENTAL Group of Upper Darby, local dentists in Springfield, we want to debunk the myths regarding root canals and give you the guidance to make an informed decision about this treatment.

Let’s examine some common myths about root canals, and investigate the truth:

Root Canals are Painful

The pain people feel during a root canal is generally due to the infection in the tooth, not the procedure itself. Since a local anesthetic is used during a root canal, that pain will be eliminated.

A Root Canal Means I’m Getting My Roots Removed

This negates the point of endodontic therapy, which is to save the tooth and its roots. While the insides of the canals are thoroughly cleaned, only nerve tissue and infected pulp are removed, along with any bacteria causing the issue.

I Don’t Feel Any Pain, So I Don’t Need a Root Canal

Many teeth that require root canal therapy don’t actually experience pain. That does not mean you don’t need treatment though. You may have what’s known as a “fistula,” near your tooth, which is a tunnel of tissue that drains pus and prevents swelling and thus, prevents pain. If your tooth is infected, there’s a good chance you need this treatment.

After My Root Canal, I’m Done With the Dentist for a While

After your endodontic therapy, you’ll need to revisit your dentist to have a crown or permanent filling placed on the tooth. Additionally, your dentist will want to ensure that you’re recovering properly and there are no complications.

With a root canal, you can successfully treat your infected tooth, remove discomfort, and improve your smile, in a way that’s virtually pain-free.

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